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What is softwashing?

Softwashing is a biocide cleaning process designed to kill Lichens, Fungi and Algae which accumulates on roofing surfaces. Softwashing is a more gentle and alternative solution to pressure or steam cleaning roof tiles, but the results will not be visually instantaneous after the chemical application has been applied to the roofing surface.


Moss will first need to be scraped from the roofing tiles before a biocide is applied. Application of biocide to roofing tiles can be applied either by using a water fed pole system and brushing it into the surface of the roofing tiles or through a softwashing machine, using a chemical sprayer to spray the biocide on to the surface of the roofing tiles.

How does it work

Once chemical application has taken place, the softwashing solution breaks through the biofilm surface layer, which protects and allows Lichens, fungi and algae to breed. This softwashing solution instantly kills the bacteria on the surface of the roof tiles, which starts the 12-month self-cleaning process.

Time frames

After application, visually the roof will look patchy within 12 weeks of being applied but don’t panic, this is a good sign as the solution is showing signs of progress. At 6 months, you will visually be seeing the original roof tile colours appearing and the roof lightening. At 12 months, the roof will be clean with the roof tiles looking their best and pressure cleaning avoided.

Tip: Take photos instantly after application and compare every 3 months, this way you will see the progress the roof makes during the 12-month self-cleaning cycle.


Overall, softwashing is a highly effective and safe cleaning method that provides excellent results for delicate roofing surfaces, ensuring a clean and well-maintained appearance within 12-months.

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