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Effects of Moss on Roof

At some point, the chances are your roof will suffer from moss and lichen growth, especially with the UK being such a damp environment. Moss can cause numerous problems for all types of roofing tiles and structures.

Moisture Absorption and Structural Damage

Moss absorbs large amounts of moisture leaving your roof tiles underneath, constantly wet. If moisture seeps through the crevices of your roofing tiles, it could lead to rotting of the wooden joists, weakening the roofing structure and costing a fortune in repairs.

Obstruction of Rainwater and Tile Cracking

Moss can obstruct rainwater passing naturally through valleys and down the roofing tiles, causing leaks that can be so easily avoided if the moss is maintained. Over a period of time, moss will eventually crack all types of roofing tiles, especially when the frost arrives over the winter period causing expansion.

Blockage of Gutters and Drainage Issues

Moss will fall from the roof into the gutters and downpipes, blocking the drainage system up. Moss when wet is very heavy and could cause the gutter to rip away from the fascia boards, causing an expensive repair. Water can overflow, causing damp to the property, and gutter leaks can also occur, so maintenance is very important.

The Attraction of Birds and Increased Maintenance

Moss also attracts birds, which can be a nightmare to all homeowners, as moss will continuously fall onto patio and driveway surfaces, causing no end of maintenance. This will then increase the risk of bird droppings on the roof tiles, driveway, and patio surfaces.

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