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Yearly pressure washing

How many times have we paid contractors throughout the years to clean our block paved driveway surface and within just 3-6 months the weeds return and the driveway looks run down, frustrating isn’t it? Cleaning block paving has many benefits but pressure washing the driveway year in year out to keep it looking it’s best, is not always the solution.

Over pressure washing will weaken the foundation, meaning the blocks will start to sink and erosion to the surface will take place. This will lead to expensive repair work or in some cases replacement being required. Rightly so, many of us have a desire to keep the driveway looking its best all year round. We have guest, kerb appeal and property value to think about. So, let’s look into why sealing block paving is a much more efficient and cost-effective method.

Sanding block paving joints

Most of us are aware that once block paving has been cleaned, then sanding between the blocks is absolutely essential, we would recommend using Kiln Dried Paving Sand. This will help to prevent movement of block paving, when the driveway is being used by heavy car traffic. Using a whacker plate is more effective than just brushing sand into the crevices, as this helps to compact the joints, creating extra rigidity before the block paving is then sealed.

Sealing benefits

Only when the block paving has been correctly cleaned and sanded can sealing then take place. Just from our own experience, we recommend using a Smartseal Solvent Based Block Paving Sealer, which will solidify the sand between the paving joints, completely slowing down future weed growth. This will make future maintenance much easier for the homeowners and cost effective, long term. Sealing will stop stains penetrating the blocks, especially very common stains like car oil from vehicles, dried out leaf stains and even rust stains from metal. A sealed driveway will prevent the block paving from colour loss and provide water resistance, further extending the lifespan of the driveway.


Once the block paving has been sealed, a simple sweep to the surface of the driveway will be required once a month to remove fallen debris, this will preserve the life of the sealer. Alternatively, if sweeping feels like a living nightmare, a leaf blower would work to remove the debris. Three times a year a simple rinse with a hose pipe, will keep the surface clean to keep the driveway looking its best. We would advise to apply a top up coat of sealer every two to three years.

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