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It’s important the professional you seek is a trained cleaning contractor. Steam cleaning or low-pressure cleaning is an instant and effective method for cleaning a driveway. This method removes bacterial build up, and provides the property with instant kerb appeal as well as adding value to the property. All driveway surfaces can then have a clear seal or colour coat applied after low-pressure cleaning, to further protect and enhance the driveway.


A slightly more labour-intensive method to clean the driveway is to scrape the crevices of weeds with a wire brush or by using a tool such as a scraper to remove the weeds from the driveways surface. This is time-consuming and labour intensive but effective. Both methods work well.


Chemicals have been developed to help clean driveways after removing weeds without the need of pressure. Moss killers, fungicide and anti-moss treatments can be applied to the driveway via a brush in method to any bacteria on the surface also known as lichens (black spots). However, this shouldn’t be done until after the paving’s crevices have been removed of weeds and moss growth.

When using moss-killing chemicals, remember to cover up any nearby plants and grass – the chemicals are designed to kill living organisms, not just specifically moss and algae. Additionally, ensure that any run-off from the chemical does not go into any drinking water sources or water butts.

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